Napier Grass

Napier grass , having low water requirement and being a lazy crop ( no significant attention of farmer is required ) besides high calorific value, has the potential to be developed as captive source of raw material for biomass plant. Napier Grass is least prone to insects

Preparation of Land for Plantation

Seed – Stem Cuttings with two nodes

Plantation of Seed – 3 Ft X 2 Ft

2 Feet Napier


3 Feet Napier

4 Feet Napier

5 Feet Napier

6 Feet Napier

7 Feet Napier

9 Feet Napier

10 Feet Napier

First Crop – Ready for Harvest

motorised Harvesting Tool

Harvesting in Progress

Chopped Napier

Napier’s ability to coppice

Farmers evince interest in Napier

Bio-Mass based Power Plant

Napier’s ability to coppice